Crowding The Carousel: Air Travel Pet Peeves

Traveling by air is often stressful and generally, I blame it on the fact that we have to deal with other people. There are lots of things that can go wrong with air travel that are out of your control: your flight may be delayed/canceled, your luggage may be lost, your flight may be overbooked, you may have missed your connection, or you may be stuck by a crying child. All these things are not out of the ordinary and it sucks. But, let’s face it, it’s the little things done by others- while suffering these already stressful situations- that can really piss you off. Although, maybe I’m just more high-strung than others when in these situations and I let it get to me.

Top 10 Air Travel Pet Peeves

1. Luggage Carousel

The thing that annoys me by far the most at the airport is how people act around the luggage carousel. People gather as closely as possible to the edge of the thing and wait for their bags to come. A big wall is created as everyone waits, and most people are blocked from getting close- or even seeing if their bag is coming. And, often people have their whole party participating and end up blocking others. It makes it impossible to break through the group to grab your bag. If everyone stood back a few meters and waited to move until they saw what they thought was their bag, the whole process would go much quicker.

2. Rude Passengers

If the flight is delayed leaving, or arriving, it’s likely NOT the flight attendants or the airline staff who work at the desks/check-ins’ fault. Being rude, or yelling at these people will not make the process go any faster. It may actually slow it down as these people have to deal with you rather than the rest of the people who may need real assistance.

Crying Babies

If you are unfortunate enough to be seated by an unhappy, crying kid, just deal with it and keep your mouth shut. All of us were crying kids at one point and likely it is out of the parent’s control. Ear pressure, for example can be pretty painful and scary for a kid/baby. Honestly, what is saying anything to anyone going to do to change the situation?

4. Seat Kicking

If you’re a parent on the other hand: please do help keep your kids respectful of others. I don’t want the back of my seat kicked for the entire flight, or for the tray to go up and down, and, believe it or not, I can feel it every time that little pocket on the back of the seat snaps closed.

5. Airplane Food

Do not complain that you have to pay for food these days. This isn’t anything new at this point and your flight is likely cheaper now than it was in the old days, so expect this. Bring your own food, or buy the 5 dollar sandwich. It’s likely cheaper than a sandwich in the airport and may even be better.

6. Reclining Seat

The seats recline for your comfort and I don’t think I should feel bad about wanting to put it down. Likely the person in front of me did it the second the flight reaches altitude.

7. In and Out Seat Etiquette

When you are getting up from your seat, or when you are moving in your seat, please do not grab the one in front of you to pull yourself up. That yanks the seat and jostles the person in front of you who is likely trying to sleep or relax. Push yourself up with your arms from the arm rest. Although, if you’re old, and the only way you can get up from the seat is this way, then go for it.

8. Flight Delays

If the flight is delayed by the forces of nature, I don’t want to hear you complain or blame the damn airlines. The situation sucks, but seriously, how are they in control of that?

9. Arm Rests

Realize that not everyone has their own set of arm rests and you have to share.

10. Overhead Compartments

People can’t get by you in the aisle, so try to be quick when getting on and off the plane and getting your stuff from the overhead compartments. Just try to be organized or move to a seat to get organized to let people by.

So, just chill out: think of others, and have a cocktail if you need to!

  • Oh Dave. That whole carousel problem… must be a short person thing. I’ve never had that problem. 😉

  • Oh Dave. That whole carousel problem… must be a short person thing. I’ve never had that problem. 😉
    Sorry, should have mentioned good post! Waiting on your next post!

  • What’s with the spam job on that second post there! Interlopers!

  • chico

    “6. Reclining Seat

    The seats recline for your comfort and I don’t think I should feel bad about wanting to put it down. Likely the person in front of me did it the second the flight reaches altitude.”

    Actually the correct thing to do would be to look back and ask the person behind if it is okay. I was on a long haul flight once and wanted to work on my laptop but before I could take my laptop out…boom…the seat was in my face. And remember when you recline the seat the tray table is affected also making it almost impossible to use it when the seat is reclined!!

  • Brian

    Thank God I can afford to fly first class (executive class on Air Canada) and so I don’t have to deal with a lot of the problems. I miss the first class luggage carousel that “vanished” after Pearson renovated the airport several years ago. It was great having a separate carousel and my luggage would already be out by the time I made it through customs. The last time I flew coach,I got to my seat to find a baby in a carrier strapped in MY seat. His parents were ACROSS the damn isle and when I asked why the kid was in MY seat they said he liked a window seat. ummmm a freaking BABY strapped in a carrier who can’t even see out the window???!! Oh hell no…..I “politely” suggested THEY move their angel unless they wanted ME do do it,while the flight attendants stood there and ignored the entire situation! IDIOTS!

  • Yaletownman

    Fortunately we never have to fly coach. My husband fly’s around the world for business so much that we have enough miles to fly a third world country to the Hamptons for the holidays. What’s really nice is that he is on a plane so much that on any given flight about half the flight attendants know him by name.