Model Behavior: Adrien Kute

His last name says it all. I’m pretty sure Kute isn’t pronounced “cute“, but for argument’s sake, let’s say it does. After highlighting a major player (Arthur Kulkov) in the fashion industry last week for my Model Behavior post, I wanted to sex it up this week. Cold showers were invented for people like Adrien Kute. Several glances at his portfolio will definitely heat you up.

I first noticed this French model when he appeared in a swimwear editorial for AXN magazine last year. Since then, Kute popped up in a couple of international gay publications- DNA and Sensitif– both of which were photographed by Simon Le. Most recently, he appeared in Pulse Denver magazine showing off his Baskit while working out. Check out Adrien’s portfolio below. Be forewarned, there are plenty of swimwear and underwear photos. I couldn’t help it because I could only find a handful of photos with him wearing clothes. No Lie.

  • Slade

    OMG sexiest man alive fo sho!

  • I love Adrein! and yes it is pronounced “Cute”. My good friend and fellow photographer Photography By Simon Le told me that. He has done some amazing photos of Adrein (some of which are displayed here. 🙂