Adidas: Originals Star Wars Collection


This week, Sci-fi and fashion geeks unite with the launch of a collaboration born in a galaxy far far away. Adidas has just launched its limited edition Star Wars fashion and runners. I can’t help but want a pair of the Skywalker sneakers!!

Check out the whole collection here.

My brother, sister and I grew up in a house where Star Wars was frequently playing in our VCR. My dad always enjoyed sci-fi movies… Everything from the Terminator to Star Trek were his favorites on TV and Screen. As such, we were no stranger to the genre of film. We would watch on a Sunday morning, then go outside and make ice forts as if we were on the ice planets we would see in the movies. Strong fortresses that would keep us safe from the creatures depicted in the classic films.


When I was in high school, there would be an occasional movie night featuring the classics especially as the new series was being launched. I think it was at this point that it became “cool” to have kept your star wars toys from when you were a kid. I watched episode 1, 2, and 3 as they were released into the theaters; you couldn’t help but want to be part of it. The series shaped so much of my childhood imagination and captivated my attention during my first visit to Disneyland via the epic StarTours.

There are few things, in this world, that get me excited more than a new pair of shoes. I have fallen victim to a shoe fetish that often gets me in trouble with my family, friends, and credit card companies. I recent years Donovan has set more strict guidelines on my shoe purchases, specifically, 1 in 1 out… I have to donate 1 pair each time I acquire a new pair. It sounds like a good arrangement at first?! No, actually, you start to realize how much you love every pair. Memories, future memories, colour, choice, etc. they all are factors. I pass by shoes all the time now, if I can’t picture a pair of shoes I am willing to give up, I wont buy. However, the Skywalker sneaks are so hot I would trade practically any pair in my collection!

In closing, another great job by Adidas and G. Lucas in bringing yet another fantastic product spun off of the epic series! If I can convince Donovan (please babe!) – I might soon have a pair of stray shoes looking for a good home.

PS. Check out the packaging too!!

  • Brady

    That At-At shoe is where its at. I work at Nike and I still want them.

  • I want to see what the Yoda ones look like in person.