Why is everything in slow motion so much more beautiful to watch than at normal speed? Add paint being splashed on the torsos of shirtless UK football players and it becomes a masterpiece. OK, it isn’t exactly a Picasso by any means, but it’s definitely more interesting than some pieces of art I’ve seen in museums. Just saying’.

Adidas unveiled a new promo enticing fans to pre-order Chelsea’s 2013/14 kit (uniform for you Yanks) without seeing it. Titled simply, “It’s blue, what else matters?” They convinced nine of the club’s players to strip down half-naked and become human targets for buckets of blue paint. I bet it was a horny gay on the ad team who came up with this brilliant idea 😉 Check out professional ballers John Terry, David Luiz become hot blue men below. If they ever get a career-ending injury, they’d be perfect to join The Blue Man Group. That or become extras on the next Smurfs movie.

Adidas Chelsea Kit Promo

Behind The Scenes Clip