This weekend, I had the opportunity to was a screener of a new documentary called Addicted To Fame that takes a look at the making of the B-movie, Illegal Aliens, starring the late ’90s icon, Anna Nicole Smith. I had forgotten all of the things that happened leading up to her death and the insane media frenzy that followed her every move.

In the documentary, director David Giancola embarks on the making of Illegal Aliens with the intention of making a ‘movie that mocks B-movies,’ but finds himself mired in an uncontrollable drama brought on by eccentric personalities, tragedy and the madness that is the movie business.

The movie bombed at the box office, but on the flipside the story was the second most-reported of 2007, only after coverage of the Iraq War – that’s how obsessed with her life the media was. This documentary gives the public the first-ever look behind-the-scenes on the set of Anna Nicole Smith’s last movie, dubbed by some critics to be ‘the worst movie ever made,’ starring the most controversial and tragic figure of the 1990s.

One thing that became clear in watching this documentary was how very risky making a movie can be depending on the people in involved. Not only was Anna Nicole a risk because of her behavior, inability to memorize lines, etc., but when the media is so attached to a celebrity, it’s a serious gamble. Of course the media can be a very good thing, but in this case, they could not have foreseen what would unfold with the media frenzy that followed Anna during her lawsuit, then the death of her son and then later, her own death – no time was a good time to release the film.

It’s sad to see how things ended for her, but it’s interesting to go back and revisit the circus that was her life and learn more about the things that happened before she died. If I was to compare the celebrity circus that was her life to anyone today, it would most definitely be Lindsay Lohan. Although she is on the up and up right now, she has been seen as a risk to films in the past and she has been getting attention for all the wrong reasons over the past few years.

In the documentary, you’ll also see a lot of only media footage from shows like Entertainment Tonight as they cover the making of the movie and all of the drama that later unfolds in Anna’s life. Even Harvey Levin from TMZ was on CNN talking to Larry King about Anna Nicole.

Addicted To Fame hits theatres on November 30 and is available to watch on iTunes on November 27.

‘Addicted To Fame’ Movie Trailer