Adam’s Indie Will-They-Won’t-They Pick: Celeste & Jesse Forever

How many of your (gay) friends break up and get back together and break up and get back together and break up and “stay friends” only to get back to mother-freaking-gether again? Yeah, it’s a pandemic. In the vein of that annoyance (yes, I can judge, I’ve never done it but have been “the friend” to many a reuniting buddies and roll my eyes every time), I choose to recommend this comedic pick o’ the week starring to B-listers giving a pretty good demonstration of what a modern funny couple looks like in today’s world.

While Andy Samberg and Rashida Jones don’t exactly scream leading roles, they are nonetheless consummate comedians and every scene of this movie is executed to make you smile… even the sad parts. Short synopsis: boy and girl date forever and are best friends and break up but remain inexorably intertwined and drive their friends absolutely insane with their are they/aren’t they facade. It’s a pretty original storyline that strangely enough has really been done too much and because it’s so relatable, you’re captured by the plot. No, the movie isn’t going to win awards or sky rocket any careers but it’s mos def worth a view to anyone who’s been in this situation or laughs at friends who have. Andy is very good at being the boner, aloof mess that I’m sure he method acts through his live when the camera is off and Rashida shines brightly for me in this one as the Type A comedic bitch-lite who just can’t get her life straight.

Celeste & Jesse Forever Trailer

An interesting addition to this movie and the cast is Elijah Wood as the sassy gay partner to Rashida in the workplace. I question how easily Elijah does his gay S‘s and think there might be a reason we don’t hear much about his love life in the tabloids. His character isn’t as crazy gay funny as Justin Long‘s mo in For a Good Time Call (ps. is it just mandatory to have a gay best friend in all new comedies..?), but it’s still good for a few homo laughs.

The jokes land well and particularly if you like the trailer you should give this one a try- it’s a lot of the one liners and weird situational stuff that this movie turns into a 90 mins flick so if that’s for you then get’er done! I think the story arc is a BIT predictable however in in the whole “he’s a mess and she’s put together now he’s together and she’s a mess” typical style but it’s the journey that matters and getting to that ending will have you laughing a fair amount along the way. No, this isn’t my strongest thumbs up ever (sorry to rehash it but For a Good Time Call is the MUCH better pick out of the two comparable films), but if you’re looking to hit up every semi-worth humourous pick out there then make sure to stop here and enjoy!

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    Love Rashida Jones but I hate Adam Samberg a hell of a lot more. Pass.