Adam Lambert To Launch New Era With ‘New Eyes’

For a Christmas gift, I bought my parents concert tickets for Queen ft. Adam Lambert. After watching the ABC documentary Queen + Adam Lambert Story, I kinda want to buy a pair of tickets for myself. The doc was sensational. Did you watch it? If not, you definitely should, especially if you’re a fan of them.

Adam Lambert hasn’t released a full-length album since The Original High back in 2015. Earlier this year in February, the 37-year-old singer shared “Feel Something.” He made it clear that it wasn’t the lead single, but rather an “emotional starting point” of his new LP. On May 15, we finally get the official first single.

Lambert announced “New Eyes” will officially kick off his new era. On what to expect on his new album, Adam previously shared, “With a bit of professional help and the support of colleagues, friends and family, I pulled myself out of the darkness. The tracks will chronicle the journey of taking responsibility for my own happiness and strength, and searching for intimacy. Since writing this song, I’ve found the joy I was missing and I’m back in my power. I can’t wait for you to hear more!”

So excited for May 15 to arrive. Fingers crossed it’s an uptempo offering.