Listen To Adam Lambert Cover Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga’s little monsters are probably going to crucify me for saying this, but Adam Lambert just showed her up. His cover of “Marry The Night” absolutely slays. He should really book some recording studio time with Fernando Garibay who co-wrote the track. The two of them can create magic together.

Other songs being performed when Glee returns November 7 include Gaga’s “Applause” and Katy Perry’s “Wide Awake” and “Roar.” Lambert teams up with fellow guest star Demi Lovato on the latter. I can’t wait to hear their rendition. In the meantime give Adam’s “Marry The Night” a listen below.

Adam Lambert ‘Marry The Night’

  • elijah


  • Sharon

    Donovan: nice write up and I agree with you 100% Adam’s cover is better than original. he can sing anything and make it his own. Good idea about Adam teaming up with the co-writer. He has worked with some great writers and come up with some stellar songs but unfortunately his old label wouldn’t promote the songs or the latest album. Adam is too talented to be ignored like that.

  • Lisa

    Perfection! I agree with everything that you said. Adam is awesome!!!

  • Trisha26

    I’ve been (and am) Adam’s fan for years and this is a great cover. But why say he’s better than Gaga? Stylistically and vocally they’re completely different. No need to put one above the other – you’re entitled to your op though! Since they’re both great singers why not celebrate them both?!

  • Rob

    I’m a fan of hers and I agree with you on his interpretation being vocally better. But I think it’s just as better as many interpretations of this song Gaga herself has made when singing live: I saw her in person and she sang it like a ballad and it was amazing; also saw different versions on different shows and appearances she made. The thing is this version is far too theatrical and that’s what it makes it great as well as it makes it bad for the studio version: I would’nt hear it time after time because it’s too over there, too emotional and it could turn annoying. I think that’s why the studio version is more modest and both Adam and Gaga have made greater theatrical interpretations on a proper show.

  • Adam Dreaddy

    Nothing beats the original. Sorry, Gaga sets the tone on this one. She must be flattered though <3

  • jeremiahsaint

    obviously you haven’t seen her sing it live – she has an emotional connection to the lyrics

    plus his voice sounds like he’s shrieking – even though hes a great singer

  • kathy

    Jeremiahsaint…shrieking????? Adam killed this song…no shrieks…Have you seen Adam Live????? I have three times…he is even better live…and has the look, stage performance and sex appeal galore…Gaga is my fave female singer…Adam my fave male…both personify being yourself and being amazing…embrace both…why hate on Adam…who has the best male vocals out there hands down.

  • Donny

    I prefer Adam’s version. Gaga’s is good but I never connected to it.

  • Leon Walker

    I really like Adam, and I do think he does it justice, more that justice he does kill it. With that said you can’t discredit Gaga, and what someone said is right, she reinvents it herself in live performances, I never liked the audio as much as I enjoyed watching her preform this song! Xx