Adam Lambert as we all know, was the runner-up of the most recent season of American Idol- although you’d never know it considering the buzz for this guy. His first single debuted October 30th, and it was one of the most anticipated single of the year…besides of course Lady Gaga’s *wink*. The Idol machine isn’t stupid – they know that no one is really going to care about sweet Apple Pie Kris Allen because well, he just fades into the background. Which is evident because well, where is the guy? My point exactly!

Lambert had his wait for it…HIGHLY ANTICIPATED debut performance at this year’s AMA’s, which was extremely colorful. I say colorful and not controversial because it was nothing really. So he simulated getting head? Didn’t Janet Jackson do that in “IF” way back when? And making out with his keyboardist who was a guy… but in my opinion looked girlier than most of his dancers. So while I didn’t really care much for the “controversy” in his performance, I noticed other things. I noticed the GENIUS save he did when he fell and log rolled but kept on singing! And I also noticed that he was one of the few performers who was given the ENTIRE stage to perform on. Again, HIGHLY ANTICIPATED!

The Idol machine is clearly throwing down some serious dinero for this guy, as they should be! It has been a VERY long time since a male vocalist has given us what he’s giving. Sure he’s REALLY milking the guy-liner, and the nail polish, and the shiny suits, but behind all of that- the kid can sing, and sing really well. Also, the fact that hes absolutely gorgeous helps… a lot.

So what do we get next from Adam Lambert? His HIGHLY ANTICIPATED video to the first single. The first thing I noticed was how good the video looked. Again, they are throwing tons of money at him. What I get from the video is that you don’t go into a mainstream club for Lambert, but an underground one- filled with black, and leather, and high heels, and men and women OH MY!

This video is dripping with sex. Straight sex, gay sex, bi-sex, whatever you want- it’s given to you. I did notice that Adam does the drag queen special, but he’s pretty much a drag queen anyway so I’ll let him slide. (Drag Queen special is when the main artist stands in the center of a groups of trained dancers, and the artist does the absolute least amount of choreography, yet still makes it look good…get it?)

This video is hot, plain and simple. My personal favorites are the slight grim and winks he gives me…and only me, because he loves me. It’s a really strong effort with a really good debut single. The single shows his range, and his great voice for glam rock, and the video shows you that he’s made for it. I don’t know how long he’ll be able to play this glam rocker part because there really is only so long you can keep playing with makeup before people want something else, but Adam is at least 4 singles away from that. I’m excited to get his new CD.

After all, can you remember the last time Idol had a such a HIGHLY ANTICIPATED anything…? I can’t.