Adam Lambert Debuts Stylish ‘Ghost Town’ Music Video


Ever wondered what ‘Coachella gone goth‘ looks like? Wonder no more. Simply watch Adam Lambert’s stylish new clip for “Ghost Town.” The 33-year-old entertainer described the clip in those very words to Entertainment Tonight.

On The Video Concept

“I wanted to bring in some cool people so that everyone could feel like they were a part of this thing,” Lambert says. “No matter who you were, no matter how old or your race or your sexual orientation or anything, I want it to feel very melting pot.”

After seeing Jack White’s “Freedom at 21” clip, Lambert reached out to its director Hype Williams to collaborate with. Given the iconic director’s past work, I was expecting more. Though there’s nothing groundbreaking about the black-and-white video, I will say it’s very stylish and suits the Max Martin-produced track well. Check it out below.

On How He Felt When He Came Across Madonna’s Similarly-Titled Single

“This was done, it was mixed, we had already decided that it was the first single and then December rolled around and I opened up my laptop and looked on iTunes and there was another ‘Ghosttown,'” he says. “It was funny to me because I’m a huge Madonna fan and have been following her career ever since I was a kid and maybe there’s something in the universe going on, I don’t know. Maybe our writers all drank the same Kool-Aid. I don’t know what it was, but it was amazing.”

Adam Lambert ‘Ghost Town’ Music Video

  • Aj

    love it 😀

  • J Russell

    Im going to Ditto U Aaron!

  • Travis

    The song does nothing for me and the video is a little lackluster. I want to like Adam’s music, but thus far there hasn’t been much from him I like. Just my opinion so don’t go hatin’ on me…

  • Hep.

    Dark and hip..simple but stark in meaning,brilliant!