Not only did Ace of Base add two much younger sexier female singers but they’ve also stylized their name to Ace.Of.Base. Who do they think they are… india.arie??? While their new line-up hasn’t exactly been met with open arms, the men behind the Swedish dance-pop outfit have decided to resort to plan B.

Judging by the new music video for “All For You“, it’s obvious Clara Hagman and Julia Williamson were not just hired for their vocal talent, but for their other assets. Everyone knows sex sells, and Jonas and Ulf are counting on that. The music video looks more like an infomercial for the latest bra from Victoria’s Secret than a coming out party for the two new members. Well if the Ace.Of.Base gig doesn’t work out, both Julia and Clara have a promising career strutting around in their bra and panties.

What did you think of the music video? AOB definitely pumped up the sex factor for their video. The black and white treatment is an homage to their biggest hits “All That She Wants“, “The Sign” and “Don’t Turn Around” which were all shot sans color.