Watch The ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ Christmas Special Here!

The highly anticipated Absolutely Fabulous Christmas Special that aired in the UK on Christmas Day has surfaced online as what I will accept as a belated Christmas gift. I have a feeling Santa may be taking back this Christmas gift at some point, so watch it while you can! This is one of three new episodes that they had promised to make.

The episode, titled “Identity,” starts off with Eddie getting woken up by her alarm clock and sent out the door by her assistant, Bubble. Next stop, prison to pick up Saffie who has been there for two years! Amazing.

When they get back home, we see Patsy for the first time. As you can expect, she looks less than impressed to see Saffie back. Or is she? What drama will unfold following her release? Watch below to find out and enjoy the return of AB FAB!