New ABSOLUT GLIMMER Bottle Is Ready To Sparkle

ABSOLUT VODKA recently released their next round of limited edition vodka bottles, ABSOLUT GLIMMER and I happened to snag a bottle in the duty-free shop on my way home from my trip to the US last week. Heck yeah to incredible liquor at amazing prices!

If you have seen the ABSOLUT GLIMMER bottle than more likely than not you too purchased it to have this incredibly designed bottle for yourself. In year’s past, primarily during the winter holiday season ABSOLUT VODKA has been releasing unique, yet recognizable versions of their icon bottles. A few year’s ago I picked up the blue disco ball version, and last winter I was lucky enough to grab their gold casing bottle. I personally believe ABSOLUT VODKA has nailed their design each and every year, matching perfectly with the style in winter fashion of that particular season.

The latest round, ABSOLUT GLIMMER isn’t the typical design of a case made to fit around the existing ABSOLUT VODKA glass bottle. This year the bottle itself has been redesigned with the glimmering ridges blown directly into the glass. It’s stunning, and I love having the bottle as part of my liquor cabinet collection. I’m now in search of a lighting unit to showcase the bottle even more.

The bottle also comes with a complimentary recipe card with four distinct ABSOLUT VODKA tastes, including; ABSOLUT GIBSON, ABSOLUT SEABREEZE, ABSOLUT CRYSTAL CLEAR and ABSOLUT COLLINS. My personal favorite concoction is the latter recipe, so naturally I’m going to share it with you!


  • 3 parts ABSOLUT VODKA
  • 2 parts Lemon Juice
  • 1 part Sugar Syrup
  • Champagne top


For more information about ABSOLUT VODKA and their latest GLIMMER bottle,
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