Sophomore (AKA Abigail Breslin) Releases Debut Single ‘Sleepwalking’

Apparently, Abigail Breslin is a double threat. The 22-year-old actress best known for her Oscar-nominated work in Little Miss Sunshine and the television series Scream Queens is dabbling in music. She just released her debut single under the alias Sophomore.

“I wrote this song on my moms kitchen floor 1 and a half years ago and now …It’s finally out y’all.
Welcome to the mess.
#sleepwalking #sophomore @sophomorelovesyou
special shout out to my incredibly talented friend and producer @lael_official for making this song and my album everything I had envisioned and then 10 levels better.
@jamesisthepapertrail this wouldn’t have been possible without all your hard work. THANK YOU.” – Instagram

Sleepwalking” is actually better than I expected. It’s a charming indie-pop offering with a solid chorus. “Sleepwalking in and out of my life, only to call at the end of the night,” the Breslin sings. “Your nocturnal terms of affection come across as daylight rejection, I don’t know why you never spend the night.” Give it a listen below.

Sophomore ‘Sleepwalking’