Famed photographer, Bruce Weber recently released four sexy Abercrombie & Fitch videos that you simply must see. If for some crazy reason you need any other motivation to watch other than me telling you that they are A&F videos, let’s just they all revolve around wrestling and training for the sport. That’s right…Hello homoerotic heaven!

There are four short videos in the series: (1) Basketball Is What Boys Do (During Men’s Wrestling Season) (2) Everything Else Seems Easy (3) Live Sleep and Eat Wrestling and (4) Other Sports Require One Ball. They are all worth watching.

I’ve included a series of screen shots below as well, to give you an appetizer before the main course. Enjoy!

Check out the videos on Bruce Weber’s website via the links below.

Which one was your favorite? I’d have to say “Other Sports Require One Ball” for sure.