First Look: Taylor Lautner & Sigourney Weaver In “Abduction” Movie Trailer

Yes, Taylor Lautner! The sexy teen heart throb is finally getting some attention for something other than Twilight in the upcoming thriller, Abduction. When you first hear the title, you think you pretty much know what you can expect from the plot, but it’s quite backwards from what you’d expect and I found myself really into the storyline right away. I can’t wait for this movie now! To top it all off, the film also stars Sigourney Weaver, so you know it’s gonna be worth watching.

Lautner is currently dating Lily Collins, who plays his girlfriend in the movie as well. At the beginning of the movie, aside from learning that his character is on the wrestling team (hot!), Lautner and Collins discover a program that helps you find out what missing children from years back would look like now. What they discover, neither of them were prepared for…and the rollercoaster begins. Check it out!