ABC just announced their summer line up and like most networks in the summer, they decided to go along the reality side. However, they went REAL heavy on the reality. The network will introduce 5 new shows along with three fan favorites.

The returning shows will include the ever popular Bachelorette and Bachelor Pad along with the hilarious and always comical obstacle course series Wipeout. Renovation show Extreme Makeover will return as well but this time, in a different way.

The show to watch out for this summer will be Take The Money and Run. Debuting Thursday, July 28th (if the NBA finals don’t go into Game 7), the producers of The Amazing Race and CSI are ready to bring a new heart pounding reality show to the network. This show reminds me a little bit of The Mole mixed with a little bit of Where In The World Is Carmen San Diego. Let me explain.

Contestants who are everyday people, will be involved in a spy game, cat and mouse adventure trying to outwit investigators to win a $100,000 prize. Sounds like an edge of your seat kind of show and I can’t wait.

Another new show is called America’s Karaoke Challenge. In all honesty, this sounds absolutely ridiculous. With shows like The Voice, American Idol and the newcomer X Factor on the air, do we really need another singing competition? In this show, we follow contestants who sing their hearts out to get to the final battle ground, the Karaoke World Championships USA. Yes, unfortunately, this is a thing. Let me go on the record in saying, I will not be watching this.

In Expedition Impossible debuting June 21st, risk taker Dave Salmoni will host as ordinary people take on the biggest adventures of their lives. Sort of like The Amazing Race, we will have 13 teams of 3 who race across vast deserts, mountains and rivers. Everyday, a new adventure and expedition will be revealed to the teams and they must complete the task in a race fashion. After 10 legs, one team will cross the finish line and claim the victory. The show will produced and distributed by Mark Burnett so I’m sure it’ll be good.

The newest chapter in the Extreme Makeover family, Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition will follow eight courageous super obese people set out to safely lose half of their body weight, ultimately revealing an amazing metamorphosis. This show was filmed over an entire year to gain access to their lives and capitalize on the ultimate results. Chris Powell will serve as the guide for these contestants to help them lose weight. Sound interesting?

Lastly, Endemol who was responsible for shows like Fear Factor and current smash Wipeout will bring us 101 Ways To Leave A Game Show. Contestants will compete in the most outrageous game show known to man for a $50,000 prize. In this game of multiple choice, one contestant will be eliminated every round for their wrong answers. However, instead of just walking away, contestants will leave in an extraordinary fashion. Examples include being strapped to the wing of an airplane, being pushed off a moving semi truck, dragged underwater by a speed boat, and the list continues. This show sounds completely awful and I’ll probably be watching it.

What do you think of ABC’s new summer line-up? What will you be watching?