‘Roseanne’ Spinoff Centered On Darlene Reportedly Being Eyed

Before you get too excited about this prospect, keep in mind that all this is still in the very early stages.

Ever since ABC canceled Roseanne due to Roseanne Barr’s racist tweets, rumors swirled that the alphabet network was considering options to keep the comedy alive without Barr. Makes financial sense to. After all, ABC still has to fork over Season 11 salaries for Sara Gilbert, Laurie Metcalf and John Goodman even though the show is canceled. Reportedly, the trio negotiated new deals for $300,000 an episode, up from $250,000 a year before.

TMZ reports ABC is entertaining rebranding the show with Darlene (Gilbert) front and center. The media outlet’s sources say “We’re told Sara’s been calling cast members to gauge their interest in the event ABC gives the reboot the green light. We’re told John Goodman is “very interested.

Though having a Darlene-centric show would salvage the jobs of the writers, crew and the supporting cast, there is still one major obstacle. Since Barr created the characters and owns the rights, she would still benefit financially should a new incarnation of Roseanne come to fruition. It’s definitely a tricky situation for ABC.

If the show goes on as Darlene or The Conners, it’s not unprecedented. Back in the 80s, Valerie was rebranded as Valerie’s Family and then The Hogan Family when Valerie Harper was replaced with Sandy Duncan due to failed salary negotiations between Harper and the NBC.

Would you watch the Conners without its matriarch? Why or why not? Weigh in below.

  • aagold76 .

    no thanks- she knew what Roseanne was and helped bring her back anyway….PASS!

  • Nanci Pelozie

    Won’t watch it, won’t make it. “Darlene is not at all likable and such a liberal. It’s called Roseanne for a reason.

  • Gavin469

    Red hair, don’t care and won’t watch ~