Random Shirtlessness: Aaron Taylor-Johnson & Emblem3

As hot as all these guys are with their shirts off, I couldn’t justify dedicating a separate post for each. So, you’re getting two (or should I say four) for the price of one.

To promote his new film Kick-Ass 2, Aaron Taylor-Johnson shows off his kick-ass abs for Men’s Health UK. The 23-year-old English actor talks about his brutal training to get in tip top shape for his role. Job well done. Dude looks hot as hell as a result of all the sweat and grunt work.

On Being A Gym Virgin

“Only recently have I been introduced to the gym and heavy weightlifting and things like that. Before that, when I grew up I just did a lot of gymnastics and dance. I had more of an athletic background but nothing where I was in the gym or using any kind of weights.”

Moving on… If you’re not a teen girl or a fan of X Factor, you probably don’t know who Emblem3 is. Luckily for you, I’m both a teen girl and a viewer of the FOX show. To kick off their first tour, opening for Selena Gomez’s Stars Dance Tour, the trio channeled Justin Bieber in their Vancouver hotel. They posed naked with only musical instruments covering their naughty bits. Check out both photos below.

  • Andrew

    Wow. He looks freakin’ amazing.

  • Matt

    ew i hate that he’s wearing socks that high. gross.

  • Russell

    Socks are easy to remove, Matt.

  • OMFG @Russel, you’re hilarious.

  • jolincas

    I though the one with the best body in Emblem3 was the douchebag one, but no. That center guy that has the best voice also has the greatest body, wow.

  • stranded

    in that pic, the keyboardist looks like johnny weir

  • jr89

    Emblem3 has to gorgeous guys that one on the left and that in the middle and Aaron is also yummy. Would take all of them 😀