Hey! We’ve Got “A Lot To Say”!

This past week, Fred Segal Santa Monica hosted the launch of a new eco-friendly apparel & accessories boutique called ‘A Lot To Say‘.  Yours truly was lucky enough to attend the festive soiree, which was complete with carolers from the L.A. Gay Mens Chorus, wine, appetizers, amazing sweets and Andrew Keegan (who played Joey Donner from “10 Things I Hate About You“).

The event was quaint, but the message behind the clothing line is anything but. Through the sale of t shirts, towels, underwear, yoga mats, umbrellas, iPad cases, dog leashes and a whole slew of other products, A Lot To Say is able to raise awareness and profits for causes such as Stand Up To CancerAnimal Rescue Foundation and Global Green in a fashionable and eco-friendly way.

From ALTS’s website:

About the company: “We are a lifestyle brand that celebrates and encourages our voices to be heard in the written word. Through our t-shirt lines, we hope to help facilitate important change in our planet, our politics, our world, our future.”

Our Manifesto: “If you think something, say it. If you believe something, say it. If you want something, say it. Because saying it creates new awareness. Awareness sparks new behavior. And new behavior inspires us all to be better. If we speak out, others will act out. To vote, Recycle. Save. To think a little more. To try a little harder. To live more honestly. Thoughtfully. Joyfully. You have a lot to say. So never be afraid to say it. Or wear it. Everyday.”

This time of year, everyone is buzzing about what to buy friends and family for the holidays. So, why not buy your loved ones something that will not only make them happy, but help make the world a better place. (Cheesy? I know, but it’s that time of the year…) Check out A Lot To Say and start checking names off your Christmas list.