A gay mormon named Jimmy Hales decided to document his coming out experience by filming the reactions of the family and friends he tells that he is gay. At first I wasn’t sure what to expect before starting the video, but after watching it, I have to say it’s really cool and the reactions were all very different… but all positive. Here’s what Hales said about what he was going through:

“Studying at BYU as a closet gay Mormon has been quite an experience. I finally decided to come out and stop living a lie. I’m still, and will forever be, a faithful Mormon, so it looks like I’m not going to marry and therefore live a single life through this mortal existence. Sucks.”

His mom’s reaction is one of my favorites. The other one I really liked was one of his male best friends who didn’t believe him at first, but when he did, he gave him a hug to show his support. So touching! Watch the video below – it’s totally worth checking out!

A Gay Mormon Coming Out (live)