Aussie Radio DJs Break Their Silence After Royal Prank Call / Nurse Suicide

Last week, we shared with you the tragic story of a nurse (Jacintha Saldanha) in Australia committing suicide after the stress she went through following a “Royal Prank Call” by two radio DJs named Michael Christian and Mel Greig.

The two DJs sat down with A Current Affair for an (unpaid) interview to talk about what happened and how they’re feeling about everything. “There’s not a minute that goes by that we don’t think about their family and what they must be going through,” Greig says while getting very emotional. “And the thought that we may have played a part in that is gut-wrenching.”

It’s actually quite an emotional interview and I my eyes even started to water. I feel for them because they were just doing their job and could not have foreseen what was going to happen. Now, they must deal with the guilt that they may have had a part in the nurses death for the rest of their life. Watch the heartfelt interview below.

Australian Radio DJs on ‘A Current Affair’

  • Aayron


    I live in Australia and this news has exploded out of proportion. I listen to radio almost everyday, and I can almost guarantee that there has been much more stunts that have been pursued and were most definitely worse than a prank call like this.

    I personally believe a series of events played upon this tragic outcome, e.g. Kate getting pregnant>radio playing silly fun jokes>the unfortunate of having Jacintha picking up the phone.

    The reason why they are getting all this flak, is that many people believed if the phone call had not happened, it probably would not have pushed her over the edge and for her to take her precious life.

    However, in their defense, nobody would have known nor predicted this outcome. Really. It was a breach of security, however, they did not intentionally mean for this to happen. And nobody, gained anything from this, except a valuable lesson.

  • Aayron


    On behalf of Australia, we are deeply sorry for the the tragic outcome of this stunt and have hope that Jacintha’s family move on in peace and live a happy life once again. RIP

    (I don’t do this much often, but I thought, If i was going to make a lengthy comment, might as well go the full yard.)

  • Eric

    I have sincere sympathy for Jacintha and her family and friends. But, I believe the part this prank played in her suicide is being way over-blown. No these events didn’t help. But, clearly this was an emotionally unstable person who I am sure would have taken her life at some point anyway. Her suicide happened a mere day or two later. This is not enough time for any emotionally stable person to spiral into suicide. Clearly this was something already lingering in her mind.

  • Ewan

    Who is laughing now? Prank calls are never ever funny. You simply cannot play or mess with other people’s thoughts.

    Now, their own (DJs’) thoughts are playing them.

  • William

    You put in your story:

    “Last week, we shared with you the tragic story of a nurse (Jacintha Saldanha) in Australia committing suicide”. She wasn’t a nurse in Australia, she was a nurse in ENGLAND. So that part is wrong.

    And as far as your eyes starting to water and feeling for them, are you kidding me? These two weren’t just “doing their job”, they were playing an extremely juvenile prank which proceeded to backfire on them. It disgusts me that they’d have even done it in the first place, and any tears they’re shedding now are crocodile tears. I feel sorry for the nurse’s kids, NOT these two vapid radio personalities who think Middle-School-esque pranks are funny.

  • michael

    It was a prank in bad taste. Like most pranks.
    Yes they don’t deserve to be demonised like they have been – it was stupid. Jacinta was mentally unstable.

    Don’t forget that even after the Nurses death. Austereo was still bragging about the “royal” prank call. I don’t feel any sympathy for them.

    This is also the guy who played a harmonica constantly on Rihanna’s plane…

  • michael

    oh & ACA is about as bad as journalism gets in Australia.

    And they’re lieing through their teeth. He was bragging on twitter that this prank was as good as it was going to get for him.

    I feel almost sick watching this. It feels like a massively fake performance. The interview basically feels like rinse, lather, repeat. It’s just the radio network trying to get their goodwill back. And yes I’m cynical.

  • zurvivor

    ^God you said like they know how to act. Maybe you guys would know what they go through if you have a lot of complaints and threats throwing at your way in your life. The amount of pressure is very high. Not to say they will carry the feeling of indirectly killing people for the rest of their lives.

  • michael