‘A Christmas Story Live’ Is Lowest Nielsen Rated Live Musical Yet

Well, this wasn’t what FOX executives were hoping for. The Nielsen rating gods delivered the proverbial “lump of coal” in their stockings. The network’s latest live musical was a flop, delivering the lowest-rated live musical to date since NBC revived the genre with The Sound Of Music Live back in 2013.

With NBC not airing a live musical this holiday season due to Jennifer Lopez pushing her Bye Bye Birdie musical to 2018, it made sense for FOX to take advantage. Picking a beloved family film to boot also seemed like a safe bet. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be.

The three-hour live musical adaptation of the 1983 Christmas flick, A Christmas Story, averaged only 4.5 million total viewers and a 1.5 demo rating. That’s even lower than the network’s The Passion which aired in 2016 and set the previous low benchmark.

The holy grail of the genre still remains with The Sound Of Music which surprised everyone with 18.6 million viewers and a 4.6 rating. For FOX, its best showing is Grease Live with 12.2 million and a 4.3 rating. Bet FOX execs are hoping their Rent Live production fairs better in January 2019.

TV Live Musical Ratings

Sound of Music Live (NBC, Dec. 2013): 18.6 mil/4.6
Grease Live (Fox, Jan. 2016): 12.2 mil/4.3
The Wiz Live (NBC, Dec. 2015): 11.5 mil/3.4
Peter Pan Live (NBC, Dec. 2014): 9.2 mil/2.4
Hairspray Live (NBC, Jan. 2017): 9.1 mil/2.3
The Passion (Fox, March 2016): 6.6 mil/1.6
A Christmas Story Live (Fox, Dec. 2017): 4.5 mil/1.5

Did you watch A Christmas Story Live? I played it in the background while I wrapped gifts and did other household chores. It wasn’t my favorite of all the live musicals but it wasn’t as awful as what I read on the Twitterverse. Boy, did people ever hate it. Ouch!!! Share your thoughts below.

  • Kerry B

    Probably because ‘A Christmas Story’ is the crappiest holiday movie EVER!