Survivor 26 Cast Spoilers: Fans vs Favorites The Sequel

Can you believe we’re on the 26th edition of Survivor? How many more do you think CBS, Mark Burnett and Jeff Probst have in them? Survivor 40? If they make it to 50, I’ll be thoroughly impressed.

With so many seasons under their belt, naturally a few twists are bound to be recycled. Ergo the next upcoming edition. For Spring 2013, the veteran reality series is revisiting its popular Fans vs Favorite twist. This time, the castaways will be isolated in Caramoan instead of Micronesia.

Like the previous FVF, the sequel features a few returning players I wouldn’t remotely consider “favorites“. There’s got to be a slight variation to the twist this time. Maybe Fans vs The Hated? Once you see some of the cast, you’ll understand this train of thought. Check out the returning cast below, along with the rumored alternates who were on standby.

Survivor 26 Returning Favorites

Andrea Boehlke

Season: Redemption Island (Season 22)
Place: 8th Jury Member

Andrea never really fit in with the ‘cool girls’ of her tribe. They probably were jealous because she was such a physical threat. The fact that she beat out three very strong male competitors in the final redemption challenge earns her a spot here. In the end, it really didn’t matter that much. Poor girl was voted off again just days after returning to the game.

Brandon Hantz

Season: South Pacific (Season 23)
Place: 7th Jury Member

At least it’s this Hantz and not Russell for the fourth time. Still, I’m annoyed that any Hantz is returning to my television. I didn’t find Brandon to be a gamer in the slightest and just an overall whiner. Clearly, no one in the Hantz family is emotionally stable enough to handle pressure. Remember Wilie Hantz on Big Brother. Epic meltdown.

Brenda Lowe

Season: Nicaragua (Season 21)
Place: 3rd Jury Member

Brenda is one of my favorites returning. She was definitely robbed on her season. That said, the other players were wise to get rid of her. Brenda is a schemer and will use her feminine wiles to get ahead. It worked on Chase Rice for a bit. Can’t believe NaOnka turned on her, only to quit the following episode.

Corinne Kaplan

Season: Gabon (Season 17)
Place: 4th Jury Member

Remember Corinne? She was the second coming of Jerri Manthey. Not normal Survivor: Heroes vs Villains “Jerri” but evil man-eating Survivor: Australian Outback “Jerri”. Unlike Manthey though, who was someone you loved to hate, Corinne was someone you just hated straight out. She was rude, annoying and one entitled beyotch. Fingers crossed, the same person comes back. I like rooting against someone 😉

Dawn Meehan

Season: South Pacific (Season 23)
Place: 3rd Jury Member

Dawn is one of my favorite older women to have ever played the game. Like Denise from Survivor: Philippines, she proved herself to be very capable during the challenges. So much so, she was seen as a threat and voted out before younger competitors by the opposing alliance. Really hope she makes it further this time.

Erik Reichenbach

Season: Micronesia — Fans vs. Favorites (Season 16)
Place: 6th Jury Member

Love the fact that Erik is returning for a Fans vs. Favorites season. Hopefully, he’ll find redemption for making the biggest mistake in Survivor history. If you recall, he gave up his immunity necklace only to be voted off that very tribal council. Poor guy has been the butt of every Survivor joke since.

Francesca Hogi

Season: Redemption Island (Season 22)
Place: 1st Voted Off

Words can’t describe how excited I am to see Francesca? Why? It’s not like she was memorable. In fact, she was the first one booted her season. I’ve always wanted Survivor or any reality show to have an edition of returning players who were eliminated first. Battle of the Losers. How amazing would that be to watch?

John Cochran

Season: South Pacific (Season 23)
Place: 5th Jury Member

Cockroach, I mean Cochran was never really a favorite of mine. He fancied himself to be more of a player than he really was. I can’t believe producers decided to bring back my least two favorite contestants from this season- Brandon Hantz and him. I would’ve almost rather have Colton from One World come back. Almost being the operative word.

Malcolm Freberg

Season: Philippines (Season 25)
Place: TBD

I have to admit, Malcolm is my crush from the Philippines edition. As each episode aired, I fell more in cyber love with this guy. There’s just something about his wild curly hair and even wilder treasure trail that turns my crank. Clearly, he didn’t win Survivor: Philippines because he’s on here. I hope him and Brenda have a showmance or an alliance at the very least. They would be an unstoppable duo.

Phillip Sheppard

Season: Redemption Island (Season 22)
Place: 2nd Place (Runner-up)

Crazy is, as crazy does. The ultimate goat in Survivor history. As entertaining as Phillip was on the show, I would’ve been as irritated with him as the other contestants had I lived on the same beach as him. Remember those unflattering pink underwear? I really hope he doesn’t bring those back with him. My eyes are still burning from the first time around.

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Rumored Survivor 26 Alternates

If you aren’t happy with the returning castaways, maybe one of the above people would’ve been better. Rumor has it that they- Colton (One World), Christina (One World), Grant (Redemption Island), Peih-Gee (China) and Terry (Exile Island) were named alternates just in case someone bailed. Other mentioned alternates were David (Redemption Island), Ralph (Redemption Island) and Kenny (Gabon). Do you wish any of these alternates made the cut? Who are you rooting for in Survivor 26? A returning player or a newbie? Sound off below.

  • Cathy

    And why not bring back the poor kid (sorry, can’t remember his name) who was on the same show with Boston Rob that spent the entire season on Redemption Island, only to return and get voted out. He was kind and loyal. He deserved a second shot!

  • Jill

    I think they should put them on Jurrasic Park Island. Thry last one not to get eatin wins. Lol

  • Julia

    I just want to see an Ozzy/Malcolm Face-off in challenges!

  • i love Dawn she cares about people i really want to see her in the next show if it starts back again i want Dawn too win it she has 6 kids and husbend Dave i love her i want to vote for Dawn she is like my mother on surrivior