“90210” Goes Country

Get your HEEs and your HAWs ready because the world’s most famous zip code is going country. The CW show is enlisting a couple of country music stars to drop by and moonlight as actors. Justin Deeley who joined the show this season as the resident cowboy hottie is getting an instant family. This usually bodes well for his character Austin’s longevity on the show. There’s no point giving a character family members unless he’s staying put.

First on the scene will be former “American Idol” finalist Kellie Pickler. The adorable blond will be playing Austin’s cousin Sally. Her character won’t stray too far from her real life persona- Sally is also a country singer. Expect Kellie to belt out a tune during her appearance. Back in early September, Pickler tweeted, “Had a blast filming with the cast of 90210!! So exciting!!!“. Hopefully, one of Kellie’s scenes involves the beach. Can’t get enough shirtless moments of Austin.

As you can see in the picture above, Miley Cyrus’ dad is heading to Beverly Hills. The “Achy Breaky Heart” singer will play Austin’s dad. Obvi. Like Kellie Pickler, Billy Ray’s character, Judd Ridge, will be a country western superstar. Guess we now know how Austin is a southern trust fund baby. With both of Austin’s relatives being country music singers, can we expect some vocal stylings from him sometime soon? If it turns out the actor Justin Deeley can play the guitar and carry a tune, I’ll be crushin’ on him even harder.

Are you watching “90210” this season? What’s your favorite storyline thus far? So far the writers haven’t done a good job of redeeming Adrianna yet. Still can’t stand her character. I’m loving that Annie is heading towards being an escort. Much prefer a tortured Annie than a perky one. Also, enjoying Naomi’s “House Bunny” sorority-like feud with the the cool girls.

Pickler’s episode airs on October 18, while Cyrus’ appearance won’t be until November.