TV BackTalk: Gossip Girl, 90210 Premieres & Bachelor Pad Finale

We’re launching our new regular feature on the site today, TV BackTalk. It’s our way of quickly talking about what happened on TV the night before without having to go indepth with weekly show recaps. We cover only a handful of shows regularly with our recaps, but we watch so many more and never chime in with our thoughts. Now, we can.

We received overwhelming feedback from you, to talk about a few of your favorite shows, so this is our way of doing that. Expect to see a lot of TV BackTalk in the next few weeks as we rate the new shows and all your old returning favorites.


OMD. Oh, Mon Dieu!!! I can’t believe we’re already on the fourth season of Gossip Girl. It just seems like yesterday when the show premiered. The season premiere was a little uneven for me. The Blair and Serena segments in Gay Paree were fantastique, while the Dan baby drama was a big ol snoozefest. Normally having Georgina on the show is entertaining, but last night I couldn’t wait til her scenes ended.

Blair, once again, proved she’s the star of this show. Her reaction to finding out her date was the driver to the royal family was priceless. Her comment about never seating in the front seat of the car had me in hysterics. Then she was vintage Blair when she went into bitch mode and pushed Serena into a fountain. In a span of an hour, Leighton Meester portrayed Blair as mean, vulnerable, and comedic. Awesome acting on her part.

The other two memorable parts appeared at the end of the episode. We only saw Chuck Bass for five minutes, but they were enough to wet my appetite. I can’t wait to see what happened after his stabbing in Prague. New cast addition, Katie Cassidy, was responsible for the other moment. We saw her putting the price tags back on her clothes before heading out to meet Nate. As she left, we see a close-up of newspaper clippings about the Upper East Side gang, tacked on her billboard. What is she up to? Is she Gossip Girl? Any predictions?

Didn’t watching the episode make you want to book a flight to Paris tomorrow? How awesome did Blair look in that red dress in next week’s preview?

Season Premiere Grade: B


When the reboot first aired, I could’ve never predicted “90210” would be one of my favorite guilty pleasures. I really loved how the producers gave the show a mini-makeover and took Season 2 on a different direction. And by the looks of it, Season 3 is going on that same direction and beyond. Without going too much in detail, because a lot of stuff happened, I’m just going to chat about the Kim & Khloe Kardashian cameos. First off, I loathe Kim and love Khloe. But I have to hand it to Kim for being a good sport and letting herself be the butt of Naomi’s attack- it was brillballs.

Considering it was only an hour long, a lot of stuff went down. For their first day of Senior Year, the kids experience an earthquake, canceling classes for that day. We quickly learn Naomi isn’t over her attack from her teacher, Annie spent the summer on house arrest for her hit and run (seemed kinda lax if you ask me) and Adrianna was heading back home after touring with Javier. PS. I can’t believe they killed him off like that. It totally caught me off guard, I loved it.

I love the direction the writers are taking the characters as well. What’s up with Annie’s new boss? She’s obviously up to no good, but exactly what? When will Naomi reveal her attack? And more importantly, will anyone believe her this time? What’s up with Ivy’s Aussie friend? Can we say creepy. On the gay coming out front, when will Teddy start partaking in some man loving? I see from last night’s episode, the writers have started dropping hints on his sexuality. That scene with him being awkward around Naomi half-naked was so obvious, it was hilarious.

What did you think of last night’s season premiere? If “90210” keeps this up, it’ll easily go down as better than its predecessor.

Season Premiere Grade: B+

Was it me, or did this show fail to deliver? I had such high expectations that this show would give “Big Brother” a run for its money. If it were not for the hot, buff, sexy shirtless guys on the show, I would’ve stopped watching it weeks ago. As it stood, I was already fast-forwarding through a good chunk of the show already. On a side note, didn’t co-host Melissa Rycroft looked pissed and annoyed to be there for most of the season? Even last night, she didn’t seem like the girl we saw on “Dancing With The Stars” or on her season of “The Bachelor“.

Having said that, the finale aired last night and I invested six weeks sorta following the show, so I decided to check it out. My biggest complaint of the night and the whole show was, it felt poorly planned and executed. The cast had so much potential and would’ve probably delivered if the rules of the game didn’t seem so ad hoc. First off, I hate when judge-based competitions are involved in latter stages of any competition show. That ballroom challenge was tailor-made to ensure Tenley & Kiptyn would make the finals. For God’s sake, she’s a dancer. In the end, it didn’t matter as David Good and Natalie Getz earned $125,000 each for laying around by the pool and making out. Thankfully both parties decided to “share” the prize instead of keeping it for themselves, which would’ve given the money solely to one person… or worse, to the other cast members.

At the reunion SLASH voting portion of the show, we found out that Kiptyn & Tenley are still dating, David and Natalie are doing the long-distance casual thing. In other words, friends with benefits. We also learned that Gia (one of the girls I was rooting for) is now single and going to pursue a relationship with Wes. Lastly, Liz and Kovacs informed the audience they broke up. He was a player and she was all types of crazy. They sorta deserved each other and at the same time lucky to be free of the other.

Who were you rooting for on “The Bachelor Pad”? What changes would you like them to implement for Season 2 next summer?

Episode/Season Grade: C+

  • NTB

    Gossip girl is my fav show!!! Cool!

  • Patrick

    I agree with your B grade for Gossip Girl – after so much waiting it felt like something was missing.