The new Fall television just started but the networks are already planning big things for the the all-important November sweeps. Typically this is the time when television shows pull out all the stunts to attract viewers. That’s exactly what CW’s “90210” is doing. In an upcoming episode of the show the gang is heading off to Las Vegas for some fun. The show’s resident gay, Teddy Montgomery (Trevor Donovan), will definitely have a great time and hit the jackpot. He’s getting hitched.

Teddy will marry his boyfriend Shane. The ceremony will take place at a cheesy Vegas chapel with an Elvis Presley impersonator officiating the ceremony. Obviously, the marriage isn’t legal since Nevada doesn’t acknowledge same-sex marriages as of yet. Fingers crossed that changes soon. The ceremony is more of a mock wedding organized by Teddy’s friends as a sign of support. Awwww. His friends even playfully tease him. Navid asks which one of them is preggers.

Can’t wait for this episode to air. Ryan Rottman will play Teddy’s new love interest Shane, who’s an AIDS activist. We haven’t been introduced to his character as of yet, but with the wedding taking place in November, I expect his first appearance is coming soon. The wedding is a little bittersweet for 90210 fans. The episode will mark one of the last appearances by Teddy. During the summer, producers announced Trevor Donovan was being dropped as a regular and his character was being written off. BOOOOOOOO.

I have no doubt Trevor Donovan won’t be unemployed for too long. He’s been rumored to play Ken in the live action film adaptation of Barbie. Donovan revealed the following about the project.

“I’ve had a few meetings with the producer who’s working with Mattel to get this thing off the ground,” he reveals, adding that he eyes Dianna Agron to be his on-screen love interest. “I worked with her on a clothing campaign last year and she is just a doll,”

Since coming out, his character has already had two serious boyfriends and a hookup with an old friend. Seems a little fast to be getting married, but I guess when it’s right, it’s right. Excited about Teddy getting hitched? Post all your thoughts below.