TV Backtalk: 90210 Puts The Spotlight On Open Gay Relationships

Last night, some of our favorite CW shows came back from hiatus, returning for sweeps: 90210 and Gossip Girl. First up was 90210. Before the break, we were left with some intense drama between Silver and Adriana, which carried over into this episode. In fact, everything was intensified in this episode when the whole 90210 crew boarded a private jet to head to Cabo for spring break. How very “The Hills” of them. Both Silver and Adriana didn’t know the other was going to be there as well. They eventually throw each other in the pool, Dynasty style. As catty and awesome as that was, that wasn’t the jaw dropping part of the episode for me.

Prior to leaving for Cabo, Teddy and Marcus, his soccer crush, tried to plan a date but it didn’t go so well. Marcus got the felling that Teddy just wanted to hook up with him, but Marco was looking for more. So, the date never happened.

In Cabo, Teddy ran into an old guy friend named Tripp (who is quite hot himself) from school and the two of them caught up over drinks. When they discussed why Teddy didn’t have a girlfriend, Teddy told him he was gay. How did Tripp (played by Alan Ritchson) respond? By shoving his tongue down his throat. The two of them then rushed to their hotel room (Room 126 – a Jewish lucky number) and got it on.

The next day, Teddy and Tripp were at the pool and reminisced about their hot night when Tripp’s BOYFRIEND showed up to introduce himself. He was fully aware the two of them had hooked up. Teddy now learned that Tripp had a boyfriend and was in an open relationship. Upon reflection, Teddy realizes that he is in fact the relationship type and when he gets back home, he gives Marco a call and apologizes.

Here’s how Teddy’s storyline went down in this episode:

So, what’d you think of the CW putting the spotlight on “open relationship” in gay culture? I’ve had my own share of experiences in relationships and recently was going to write about some of my thoughts on some of my pet peeves in our “gay culture.” I don’t (and wouldn’t) judge people for being in an open relationship or similar, I just get disappointed and annoyed for people that don’t respect others that are in a closed relationship. On the flipside of the situation that happened in this episode, I hate when people assume because someone’s gay, they’re DTF (down to f*ck – thanks Jersey Shore) and fair game. That being said, we ourselves as a community have created this reputation, not having many solid gay role models in relationships. I can count on one hand the number of couples I know that have been together for 10+ years. Relationships are hard enough without the added external drama.

Anyway, I thought it was an interesting look at the gay culture we live in, as opposed to some of the cookie cutter stereotype gayness we often see on TV. What’d you guys think of the episode?

  • W

    Marco is breaking the stereotype, as is Teddy when he says that he thinks he is figuring out that he is a relationship guy himself. I don’t think it was illogical to have a representation of an open relationship either if they are in fact existent in both gay and straight relationships. 🙂

  • j

    I must admit that this show is one of my guilty pleasures this season, however I am puzzled as to why lots of the characters look waaaaaaayyy older than they are supposed to be.

    Hope the show will be renewed for next season.

  • Steve-O

    tried the open relationship very early on in my late teens and ended in heart break. Guess I too am a relationship person.

    What annoys me about how gay open relationships is that they are percieved as something only experienced in the gay world. There are plenty of straight people i know who ‘casually’ date and sleep with the same person but are still up for some slap and tickle with the random one nighter.

    So why is it that we get lumped with it as being an inaitley gay stereotype?