90210: Who’s The Oldest of The West Bev Bunch?

When I was in high school, I looked like a preschooler when compared to some of the actors on “90210“. Sure they’re supposed to play 17 to 18-year old seniors at West Beverly High School, but you’d be shocked to know how old some of the actors really are.

In the original, Gabrielle Carteris portrayed the role of Andrea Zuckerman. At the time, Carteris was 29 playing a 16-year-old. Believe it or not, there are a couple of actors on the spinoff who are actually older than that. In fact, there are three seniors who are older than one of the teachers, Mr. Matthews (Ryan Eggold). How hilarious is that?

From youngest to oldest, let’s take a closer look at the regular cast members playing high school students.

SHENAE GRIMES (Annie Wilson)

Birthday: October 24, 1989 (20)

It’s probably not a shocker that the Toronto-born actress is the youngest cast member on the set. She started her career on “Degrassi: The Next Generation” and set to appear in the highly-anticipated “Scream 4”.

TRISTAN WILDS (Dixon Wilson)

Birthday: July 15, 1989 (21)

The native New Yorker was best known for his role in “The Wire” prior to playing Wilson Dixon on the show. Here’s a little fun fact. Tristan appeared in Alicia Keys “Teenage Love Affair” music video.

JESSICA LOWNDES (Adrianna Tate-Duncan)

Birthday: November 8, 1988 (21)

The second Canadian (Yay Vancouver) in the cast appeared in “Greek” and “Kyle X/Y” prior to landing a role on “90210”. Initially her role was supposed to run for a limited time, but she won people over and became a series regular during the first season.

AnnaLynne McCord

Birthday: July 16, 1987 (23)

Even before playing Naomi Clark, this Georgian peach had a knack of playing underage jailbait. AnnaLynne had roles in “Nip/Tuck”, “Ugly Betty” and “The O.C.”. She’s my favorite on the show. Without her, the show would lose its comedic punch.


Birthday: October 23, 1986 (23)

With her youthful looks, the statuesque actress has appeared numerous times playing teens in movies like “Prom Night” and “The Hills Have Eyes 2”. She’s even rumored to have landed another role in a slasher movie, “Sorority Row 2”. Yup, they’re making a sequel to that horrible hot mess.


Birthday: November 4, 1985 (24)

Born in the nation’s capital, Gillian was relatively new prior to landing the role of Ivy. Her role was upgraded to series regular during the second half of last season. In 2001, she is scheduled to appear in “The Truth Below”, her first feature.

RYAN EGGOLD (Ryan Matthews)

Birthday: August 10, 1984 (26)

He’s not a student, but he’s still at West Bev. How much would it suck for your ego to be younger than three of the actors on the show. While they play pimpled-faced teens, you have to play their teacher. Time to look at Botox, Mr. Matthews. Maybe it’s true what they say about pre-mature aging from the sun. The native Californian should use a higher SPF.

MATT LANTER (Liam Court)

Birthday: April 1, 1983 (27)

The former male model can attribute his boyish good looks to those adorable rosy cheeks. Knowing that he’s actually 27 makes me feel less guilty about lusting after him. Lanter has appeared in two hilarious movie spoofs, “Disaster Movie” and “Vampires Suck”.

MICHAEL STEGER (Navid Shirazi)

Birthday: May 27, 1980 (30)

Finding out his real age shocked me the most. I can’t believe he’s 30. Even before playing Navid, Steger played up to his youthful looks in Disney-produced shows including “Hannah Montana”, “Cory In The House” and “The Cheetah Girls: One World”. Now that he’s in his 30s, he’s stretching out and playing more risque roles. He most recently appeared as a gay hustler in True Blood’s third season.

TREVOR DONOVAN (Teddy Montgomery)

Birthday: October 11, 1978 (31)

His face says boy, but his body says all man. The Californian born stud, is a former model and once was a trophy presenter at the 81st Annual Academy Awards. Before landing the role of Teddy Montgomery, he played Jeremy Horton on “Days of our Lives”.

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