Next to the nominations and the big show itself, the thing I look most forward to is the official poster commemorating that year’s Academy Awards. Usually, they’re on the mark, but they have made a few missteps.

Personally, the 2010 poster featuring hosts Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin sitting on the shoulders of an Oscar statue was cheesy. Same goes for the 2004 creative when they went for a comic book-inspired feel. I much prefer it when they stay true to the Oscar statue and make that the focal point. After all, everyone hopes they walk out of the marathon ceremony holding one.

For the 85th Annual Academy Awards, they commissioned English artist Olly Moss to create the official artwork. He definitely took this honor seriously based on the amount of work he dedicated to the project. He transformed 85 statues to represent each Best Picture winner since 1927. Then he placed all of them on one commemorative poster which you can purchase for $35 over at Check out a few of my favorite transformations below.

To check out all the 85 transformations, head over to the Oscars’ official website.