7 Minutes In Heaven With John Oliver

Last week, Andy Samberg was in the closet with host Mike O’Brien, and with the exception of the dangling dildo and a simulated blowjob, I have to say it was a little underwhelming. Samberg’s low energy made for more of a “7 Minutes in Purgatory” instead of 7 Minutes In Heaven.

I’m happy to report that this week, British comedian and actor John Oliver is much more entertaining in the closet with Mike O’Brien. You know him best from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, as well as a regular on the series Community. He also was the voice of Vanity Smurf in the 3D movie. After he answers some of O’Brien’s oddball questions, the two engage in closet theatre where Oliver plays the British man that appears to make O’Brien sign paperwork prior to cross-dressing for the first time. LOL. Lastly, as always, there is the kiss – in this cases, it’s kisses. Enjoy!

  • Fluffy

    I always knew he had it in him. I mean, he played Vanity Smurf. He is absolutely the gayest cartoon character ever. And he is my favourite smurf ever ?