7 Minutes In Heaven With Amy Poehler

Mike O’Brien is back with another 7 Minutes In Heaven… this time with the hilarious Amy Poehler! As you may or may not know, this is a new web series where an awkward Mike O’Brien interviews celebrities… in a closet. From asking them awkward questions to quoting false information to taking part in some fun closet theatre – it’s the most fun you can have in a closet. Well, actually there’s more. Since it’s 7 Minutes In Heaven… each segment ends with a (one-sided) kiss, and it’s so funny to see the celebrity’s reaction.

So far, he’s interviewed Kristin Wiig, Elijah Wood, Andy Cohen, Patricia Clarkson, and now Amy Poehler. Yesterday, I actually asked Mike O’Brien when the next video would be coming out and he had told me today, also adding… “One every Friday morning. (until we run out of people willing to hang in a closet with me).” LOL – I would hang in the closet with you, Mike! Enjoy the video!

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