“7 Minutes In Heaven” With Patricia Clarkson

Just launched a little over a week ago, this new web series called “7 Minutes In Heaven” stars the awkward host Mike O’Brien (a writer from SNL) as a guy who interviews celebrities… in the closet. I don’t mean the celebrities are gay, I mean he actually physically interviews them in a closet. Hence the name: 7 Minutes In Heaven, an old teenager game where two people go in the closet for 7 minutes to kiss, more than kiss, or do nothing at all. Sidenote: I should note that these little funny interviews are much shorter than 7 minutes, so don’t you worry about your precious time.

Anyway, in my first post about this series, you saw Kristin Wiig, Elijah Wood, and Andy Cohen all enjoy their time in the closet. In this latest video just released today, O’Brien chats with the lovely and talented Patricia Clarkson. You should know that she’s wearing lipstick called “Cherries In The Snow.” LOL. So, will they kiss? You’ll have to watch the video below to find out.

  • LS

    LOL! I love these! Patricia seemed drunk. & omgsh! an actual make out!