7 Minutes In Heaven With Jeff Goldblum

Last week, Mike O’Brien had Olivia Wilde in the closet for “7 Minutes In Heaven“. This week, we’ve got Jeff Goldblum in the closet and it’s a good one.

O’Brien doesn’t hesitate to discuss Jurassic Park and Independence Day, some of Goldblum’s most popular films. Of course what O’Brien asks Goldblum about those films is totally awkward and ridiculous. During the interview, O’Brien (who is in the process of growing a gross mustache) calls his mom to discuss her concerns with young Hollywood. She sounds so cute!

The closet theatre scene in this segment is probably one of the best ones in terms of acting – Goldblum was really good! Lastly, there’s the kiss at the end. You’ll have to watch to find out how it goes down. Enjoy!