In comparison to last fall, it felt like this season seemed pretty tame in terms of cancelations – not too many had been cut in total in comparison to last year. Normally all of the fall TV cancelations happen earlier on in the season, but now, three shows just got canceled.

ABC just announced that 666 Park Avenue and Last Resort (two new shows this season) would be getting the axe after 13 episodes each. Both shows were too low in ratings to keep. I started watching both, but wasn’t as heavily invested in them as other some of the other new shows. Actually, I didn’t really like 666 Park Avenue and only ended up watching the first two episodes of Last Resort for one reason or another. The replacements for the series haven’t yet been announced.

The other cancelation is from CBS and that is Partners. Although CBS hasn’t officially announced it, someone with the inside scoop broke the news to TheWrap on Friday. This is the second cancellation for CBS so far this year, following Made in Jersey, which was the first cancellation of the season.

Partners is apparently going to be taken off the air immediately and replaced with other CBS comedy repeats. Meanwhile, two of CBS’s other new shows titled Elementary and Vegas have been picked up for full seasons.

Are you surprised or disappointed about any of these three cancelations? The only one that I was kind of watching was Partners, but I never went out of my way to watch it. If Tyrell put it on, I’d watch it and laugh but I could take it or leave it. I do like Michael Urie though, who we first got to know on Ugly Betty. Hopefully he finds something else!