The Director’s Cut Of 54 Finally Being Released


Director Mark Christopher’s film was originally supposed to show all the decadence that took place at the famed New York nightclub. However, it was plagued by reshoots and a strong editing hand by the studio.

Instead of being a racy visual feast, it was watered down to a lame love story between Ryan Phillippe and Neve Campbell. The silver lining was the film provided one groovy disco soundtrack. That Ultra Nate-Amber-Jocelyn Enriquez dance track, “If You Could Read My Mind” was, and still is everything. 17 years after 54 first hit theaters, the director’s original version will be available for everyone to see on June 2.

Christopher showed his director’s cut at Outfest in LA back in 2008. He reportedly added over 45 minutes to the original theatrical release. Included in that footage was the long-rumored Phillippe-Brecklin Meyer gay kiss. A couple of years ago, a grainy version leaked online. I bet it’ll be even hotter in digital HD.

Why now, you ask? It’s due to the overwhelmingly positive response at its screening at the San Francisco International Film Festival on Friday, April 24. I’m definitely checking out the director’s cut. Check out the original trailer below.

54 Original Movie Trailer

  • Bee

    Are you really that incapable of understands what you’re reading? Which part in there legitly says these women need to be sexy above all??

  • Donny

    “Desirable” for me = sexy (moreso than just looks). You may have a different point of view but you don’t need to be condescending. Shut the hell up!

  • Bee

    Well excuse me for living, but there’s a lot of sexiness in those women you’ve mentioned above. In fact everyone is so sexy, perhaps not with their body, but their goddamn brain! These women are intelligent and that’s why they’re “desirable”. Idk, maybe your “desirable” type of “sexy” is Paris Hilton’s sexy, but if that’s the case, then may god bless you. oh and fyi, that’s me being condescend. peace out!

  • eric

    Great Actors but lacked commitment. Allowing myself to watch it for the third time charm.