When you’re just a kid, it doesn’t take much for a movie or television show to scare the pants off of you. I still remember certain parts of movies and TV shows that spooked me every time. Everytime Mr.Boogedy showed up on the Disney show, I was hiding under a blanket. In the first Ghostbusters movie (which I used to watch all the time), the part where the ghosts all escape and let loose in NYC and there’s that hella scary cab driver… that part really scared me.

Well, the people at College Humor decided to go through their top 50 Most Traumatizing Moments From Kids Movies. These include scenes from both real life and cartoon movies and aren’t necessarily all scary, but some situations are so extreme that they could be seen as a bit too intense for a kid.

Watch the video below and take a trip down memory (or nightmare) lane. I forgot about that scary part (shown in the image above) from Who Framed Roger Rabbit?… “Remember me, Eddie!!” Enjoy!

50 Most Traumatizing Moments From Kids Movies