The controversial energy shot, 5-Hour Energy has just come out with a new commercial that seems to be inspired by the famous Old Spice guy commercials that star Isaiah Mustafa.

In the commercial, the hot guy shown above shares his crazy, unrealistic list of activities and tasks that he has accomplished in the last five hours. Whether that is having gone for a run (while knitting a sweater), writing a novel (in Spanish), or recording his debut single (also in Spanish…LOL). I especial love the disclaimer caption that reads, “For comedic purposes only. Not actual results.” LOL.

I’ve probably only ever had one of these once or twice and there’s a lot of discussion right now around their potential negative effects on you and whether their “no crash” claim is actually accturate. All of that aside, enjoy watching the hot 5-Hour Energy guy in the entertaining commercial below.

‘What Did You Do the Last 5 Hours?’ Commercial