After a mini-hiatus, trip-hop duo 3OH!3 are back with a new single that is sure to be a massive hit this summer! I must say that this track is the most dance influenced I have ever heard from the group but I like the new direction a lot. The track serves as the lead-off for their new album “Omens” due out later this fall. I wonder if we are to expect more dance-like tracks from the two.

Members Sean Foreman and Nathaniel Motte rock out the lyrics, “I’ll buy you a round, if you come close / Turn up the sound, turn the lights down / Give me a chance, I will take her home with me.” Borrowing some of David Guetta’s production style and tricks, the track builds up the verses slowly the reveal a bass and synth heavy chorus. The track contains a lot of energy and I know it’ll land on some TV or movie soundtrack this fall. Cue the CW Network.

I actually had the opportunity to work with the group on Hellcats and they are the nicest guys ever. I hope this song reaches the success of their biggest hit to date, “Don’t Trust Me.” Give a listen to “You’re Gonna Love This” below!

3OH!3, “You’re Gonna Love This”