Glee’s Naya Rivera has just released a music video with 2CELLOS called “Supermassive Black Hole” and she looks effin fierce! Also, the guys that make up 2CELLOS are freaking hot too.

The Croatian cellists are Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser and they recruited Rivera for their cover of Muse’s 2006 single of the same name. “We love Naya’s sexy voice – it’s perfect for this song!” Stjepan was quoted as saying. 2CELLOS met her when they were filming their “Smooth Criminal” cover for the Michael Jackson tribute episode that took place in Season 3. Rivera had performed the song as her character Santana along with Sebastian, played by Grant Gustin. 2Cellos had previously been discovered by uploading a music video of their cello-only cover of “Smooth Criminal.”

This song is part of their upcoming IN2ITION album which comes out on January 15, 2013. Check out the sexy music video below!

2CELLOS (Sulic & Hauser) ft. Naya Rivera – ‘Supermassive Black Hole’