’20MALEGAYNYC’ Documentary: Why Do Gays Hate Other Gays?

I’ve definitely noticed that gays hate on gays a lot these days and I’m not sure why. Many Homorazzi readers have also expressed these observations in comments on various articles as well. Well, a film-maker named Blake Pruitt from New York City decided to explore this a bit more in a short documentary and he shared it with The Advocate.

“I decided to make a short documentary, 20MALEGAYNYC, after hearing each of my gay male friends say, ‘I hate gay guys,’ or at least, ‘I hate stereotypical gay guys,’ explains Pruit. “I wanted to talk to gay men about gay men – what it means to be our age, gay, and living in New York in the year 2012; how we treat each other; and how stereotypes play a role in our daily lives.”

The short documentary is quite interesting and if anything, it’s great to continue to get this topic out in the open so we as a gay community can become more aware that we’re doing it… to ourselves and to each other. Watch the video below and share your thoughts in the comments.


  • This video is the most infuriating thing I have ever seen in my life. Oh wahh wahh some beefy guys don’t pay attention to you?

    The only thing I get from this video, is these guys have serious insecurity issues and need to put on their big boy pants and grow up. I love how this video was tagged as supposed to explore why gay people hate each other…well the answer is right in that video! I can’t deal with these Self Loathing Gays like get lost.

    Also the director CLEARLY has stuck to the same type of person for this video. If you are going to explore this idea I think you should get a whole RANGE of gay guy. Because trust me, there are a LOT of people who love the gay community.

  • not a superficial gay

    eh. tommy d. frustrated much?
    guess you are a douchey loser who reject peoples based on their look.s superficialtard u r…. seriously. lot of people love gay community? well newflash darling. lot of gays hate gay community and it superficial moronic lifestyle.

  • Alain

    and lot of gays stay how far as possible they can from the shitty gay community as well. even good looking ”hawt” guys.

    full of attitude fucks like you are 1 of the reason why I stay clear from allll gay concentrations.

    alain b.

  • Have you seen me? I have no right to reject anyone based on the way they look and I never would. If you could see who I surround myself with, you would think twice about calling me a superficialtard (which isn’t a word by the way)

    I find it so funny how people think that the gay community is ONLY superficial. It just goes to show you how absolutely uneducated some people really are. The gay community isn’t “the scene”, that is probably one of the smallest parts of it. There are charities, and community events, and sports teams, and support groups. Anyone who thinks that “the scene” is the entire gay community is delusional.

  • Chad

    Well said Tommy!

  • And furthermore, the people who HATE the scene and the superficial gays are probably just upset because they can’t be part of it or part of a group of people. Want my advice, who cares. At the end of the day everyone is going to get old, and everyone is going to get fat, and everyone has worn a boa in their lifetime.

    This idea of A list gays or the IN gays is just something people made up because someone didn’t let another person sit with them at the lunch table. (oh sorry, I reverted back to high school for a second). Get over it, we’re all adults. Find some cool people you want to hang out with, and shut up about the people who don’t give you the time of the day. It reeks of desperation and says a lot more about you than about “the community”


  • Del

    this is the dumbest thing I have ever seen. preach Tommy.

  • Not Homorazzi

    Alain, if you like to stay away from all gay concentrations, why the FUCK are you on this stie?

  • Braden Scott

    The word ‘gay,’ to say, “I am a gay man,” is not just a sexual identifier, but also a gendered one. This video and discussion is setting up binaric opposites – Male and Female – Man and Woman – Masculine and Feminine. I am sorry, but it is not that simple. The word gay creates the word straight, and the exclusive aspect of either identity would obviously create a rupture or blur in the binaric code that surrounds the body. In a heterosexual context, the reproductive body continues the development and growth of the nation, pushing any queer sexuality into an undesirable periphery. This video obviously has problems, but I would hardly say that it is the fault of the interviewed people, and more an assimilated vocalized response of how patriarchal nationalism views queer identities, and how, in this particular case of the “gay” culture, the heteronormative way of seeing is not exclusive to the centre of the nation. It is alot bigger than “bitch please.”

  • czahn

    gee, who needs to do a video when you’ve got a comments section. LOL!

  • trevor bartlett

    Face it. There is no such thing as the gay “community” – unless you consider a “community” to be a group of vapid narcissists. “7’s who think they’re 10’s looking for an 11”.

  • And trevor just proved my point.