Who’s The Most Influential Man & Woman On Twitter In 2018?

Not entirely sure about their ranking methodology, but Brandwatch has unveiled their list of the most influential people on Twitter in 2018.

With regards to women, it’s Taylor Swift. The 28-year-old singer was given an influencer score of 98 out of 100 by the media analysis company despite having only tweeted 13 times this year. She beat out 2017 top influencer Katy Perry for the title.

Over on the men side, it’s a shocker. Donald Trump sits in the runner-up slot with a score of 96. Besting him with a score of 97 is Liam Payne. Who knew the 25-year-old former One Direction member had so much “influence.” Check out the Top 5 list for each gender below.

The Five Most Influential Women on Twitter 2018

Taylor Swift (Influencer score 98)
Katy Perry (Influencer score 96)
Kim Kardashian (Influencer score 96)
Demi Lovato (Influencer score 96)
Ellen Degeneres (Influencer score 95)

The Five Most Influential Men on Twitter 2018

Liam Payne (Influencer score 97)
Donald Trump (Influencer score 96)
Justin Bieber (Influencer score 95)
Barack Obama (Influencer score 95)
Cristiano Ronaldo (Influencer score 95)

For the full list, head over to BrandWatch.com.