Lady Gaga, Nicole Kidman, Regina King & More Are Ladies In Red For The Hollywood Reporter

The Academy Awards are quickly approaching which means it’s time for The Hollywood Reporter to conduct their annual roundtable discussions. This one features actresses in the Oscar mix during this awards season- Lady Gaga, Nicole Kidman, Regina King, Glenn Close, Kathryn Hahn and Rachel Weisz.

The ladies discuss the roads they’ve taken in their respective careers, how Hollywood is different now in the #MeToo era and much more. Check out the cover below, along with snippets of their conversation.

Lady Gaga Talks ‘A Star Is Born’: “It Was Important to Me That I Gave Something I Don’t Always Give” | Actress Roundtable

Nicole Kidman Stayed in Character the Whole Time for ‘Destroyer’ | Actress Roundtable

Glenn Close Says ‘The Wife’ Took 14 Years to Make | Actress Roundtable

Kathryn Hahn Finds Excitement in “Personal, Human Stories” Such as ‘Private Life’ | Actress Roundtable

Regina King Praises ‘If Beale Street Could Talk’ Director Barry Jenkins | Actress Roundtable

Rachel Weisz Says the Women Characters in ‘The Favourite’ Were Fully Formed | Actress Roundtable

For more, head over to The Hollywood Reporter.