Greeks Come True 2018 Calendar

Opa! The Greeks Come True calendar is back and with an even hotter edition for 2018.

Fourteen real ‘next door’ men and professional athletes have come together from every side of Greece, ready to bare it all in front of the lens of Greek photographer Vangelis Kyris. He brilliantly captures every hidden inch of their completely naked bodies leaving no hair, vein or drop of sweat unseen – all set against hauntingly beautiful backgrounds that now belong to a different time.

The 2018 Greeks Come True Calendar is out now. If you find yourself craving for more, a behind-the-scenes movie is coming soon. It’ll feature a visual feast of fully uncensored, extra raw footage from the shootings. I.CANT.WAIT!!! Until that arrives, check out a preview of the calendar below.

Greeks Come True 2018 – Teaser 1

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