Pictures From The 2017 Orthodox Priests Calendar: PILF Edition (NSFW)

2017 Orthodox Calendar - PILFThe folks behind the controversial Orthodox Priests calendar are getting even more risqué for 2017. The theme for the fifth installment is P.I.L.F., which stands for “priests I’d like to fuck.” There’s definitely a couple here that I wouldn’t mind committing a couple sins with 😉

While the images are meant to be provocative and titillating, the Romanian organization responsible for the annual offering have a philanthropic agenda. The calendar is “an artistic effort to creatively protest homophobia” in the Orthodox Church, to which nearly 90 percent of Romanians belong, and a celebration of “diversity, equality and freedom.”

“The [Orthodox] church has lost its way and is desperately trying to prevent hundreds of millions of people living in modern societies that respect human rights. We’d like to think that our art could empower people to question traditional forms of authority.” – Press representative Magdalena De Iona

This year, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Orasul Meu (or “My City, My Colors”), a local NGO focused on providing health care for disadvantaged youth living with HIV across Eastern Europe.

Check out the images from the 2017 edition below.

P.I.L.F: “Priests, I’d Like to F* – ” The Making Of

For more info, head over to their official website.