2017 Insta-Stud Showdown – Round 12 (December 2017)

Halleloo, we’re finally at the end of the preliminary rounds of our 2017 Insta-Stud Showdown. Be sure to give our last batch of guys some love and vote for your favorites.

For our twelfth round, we have 8 sizzling dudes featured in December to choose from. You can vote for up to five guys but only the top 3 vote-getters will advance to the semifinals. If you want to see more pics of each guy before casting your vote, simply click on their name to head over to their individual posts.

Voting for Round 12 ends December 26. Rounds 1-10 have ended, but it’s not too late to weigh in for Round 11 which ends December 24.

2017 Insta-Stud Showdown (Round Twelve)

Thara (Kaiser.Arms)

Steven Hodgson


Gustavo Naspolini

Zack Ready (reddy.not.ready)

Josh Barfuss

Tim Lambert

Bruno Álvarez Ladd