2017 Insta-Stud Showdown – Round 10 (October 2017)

I like to usually space out the 2017 Insta-Stud Showdown posts a couple days apart, but I kinda want all the preliminary rounds done with before Christmas. So prepare yourself to be bombarded with the remaining monthly rounds the next few days.

For our tenth round, we have 21 sizzling dudes featured in October to choose from. You can vote for up to five guys but only the top 3 vote-getters will advance to the semifinals. If you want to see more pics of each guy before casting your vote, simply click on their name to head over to their individual posts.

Voting for Round 10 ends December 23. Rounds 1-7 have ended, but it’s not too late to weigh in for Round 8 and Round 9. Voting ends December 21 and December 22 respectively for those rounds.

2017 Insta-Stud Showdown (Round Ten)

Freddie Pearson

Charlie Matthews

Dylan Geick

Forest Harrison

Dan Amboyer

Anatoly Goncharov

Anthony Greenfield

DeAngelo Jackson

Kim Willecke

Hugo Philip

Ace Cee

Matthew Johnson

Miles Kennelly

Alex Mountain

Byron Farrell

Christian Olivo

Troy Pes

Vince Sant

Eric Turner

Rony Gilman

Syukur Shuib