2017 Insta-Stud Showdown – The Finals

After a month of intense competition, the finals of the 2017 Insta-Stud Showdown is here. I’m excited to see who you guys pick as the winner.

Competing in the finals are ten delicious men– the top five finishers from each of the semifinals. Speaking of the semis, boy did you guys turn out. The votes cast far exceeded the preliminary rounds. Be sure to vote as enthusiastically for this last stretch.

For the last round, I decided not to put a cap on how many guys you can vote for. Check out the finalists below. Voting ends January 10.

2017 Insta-Stud Showdown Finals

Matthew Noszka

Stephen Ducroux

Dan Dexter

Photo by Rick Day

Benedikt Wagner

Photo by Jonas Huckstorf

Evan Betts

Dr Oisín Tracey

Jared Techau

Bruno Álvarez Ladd

Sam Cushing

Dylan Geick

  • Slade

    1st I was surprised Bruno was in the finals because he is not cute. Then I was even more shocked to find out he was in the lead. Wow your viewers have lousy taste lol

  • Lumina

    So white. Pass.

  • Garamond

    I’m with Lumina. Ten guys and not a single one of color. Not ok.