Warwick Rowing Club Previews Their 2016 Naked Calendar


It’s almost time for the Warwick Rowing Club to unleash their now world famous naked calendar. Definitely my new favorite yearly tradition to come in recent memory.

Proceeds from the calendar, once again, fund their sport and their own outreach program to young people called Sport Allies.

Check out a NSFW preview below of what the 2016 edition has in store for us. Is it me, or is the university rowing team roster getting hotter each year. Rowing does a butt good 😉


2016 Warwick Rowers Calendar Preview

For more info, head over to the official website.

  • John

    WOW Michael, what an eye opening post you did here. Sorry to hear the misfortune you had, but a big thank you for sharing what I would call “a learning read”, I think alot of who reads this will agree with you and I in saying “you need to stop and listen to the pain others speak about” IMO.
    Again Michael, thank you. I hope all is well in your heart in our today “world” and you are doing great. Big Buddy Hugs to you my new friend. John.

  • John

    Straigh up ‘Right On’ Brended…..I just read that about their upcoming doc???? and my friend just said what you posted….talk about great minds!!! lol Later buddy. john.

  • bannock-hou

    I first heard about WRC here on your site, thanks for the coverage of non coverage of these hot guys!