A Record Number Of Scripted Shows Aired In 2016

It’s a hard life for couch potatoes these days. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day/week to watch all the great television out there. With broadcast networks, pay cable and streaming, the options are endless. And in 2016, there was a record amount.

According to FX Research, 455 scripted original programs aired on American television this past year. Compared to 2015 when 421 shows were available, that’s an increase of 8 percent. Even more staggering is the fact it’s up 71 percent from just five years ago. And those numbers don’t even include reality shows and other unscripted fare.

It’s interesting to note that while broadcast and cable shows aired less scripted shows, the number doubled for streaming services. It’s Netflix’s world these days and we’re just living in it.

Do you watch a lot of television? Maybe too much? At this rate, it’s possible we could break the 500 mark in 2017. YIKES!!! Weigh in below.